Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend re-cap

Saw some great theatre and some not-so-great theatre over the weekend.  Eh, can't win 'em all.  We did see a really cool performance of Assassins at Center Stage Players, though.  (Same group where I did the Christmas musical last December)  Oh it was so good to see my boys again.  I missed them SOOOO much!  The show was very well done, too.  Michael was hysterical and amazing as always. 

All in all a good weekend.  I got most all of the grunt work done for the one act I'm directing this spring.  All the pre-recorded voice-overs are at least recorded, although they need some editing.  Got my trailer filmed, and the mannequins are in our possession now.  Good lord those things are CREEPY!  * shudder *  And the weekend ended nicely and quietly yesterday evening with a rented movie and some good ol' couch-sittin'.

I had picked up and afghan I've been working on and kinda set aside fro awhile and started crocheting that a bit while watching a movie, and kinda got into it again.  So I thought; why not get a "Stitch 'n B!tch" group together?!"  I really need to start socializing again, and I want to get back into making blankets and other projects, so it seemed a great idea.  I emailed a bunch of my creative friends and so far a couple people are totally in.  I'm pretty excited!

So now back to the grind.  Meh.  And tomorrow my favorite bi-annual activity.  Taking fat-cat to the vet.  * sigh *  Better get my armor suit ready...

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