Friday, March 20, 2009

My home

Spoke to my landlady tonight.  She is the most amazing woman.  She just retired last week, but back in her hey day she was a dancer on Broadway.   DANCER ON BROAD-FRIGGIN-WAY!!  Obviously we hit it off when I first looked at the apartment 2 years ago.  Well she and her husband built a house in Thailand and she's moving there April 15th.  We've known for awhile, but obviously I've been nervous.  This is the first place I've lived and wanted to stay in for more than 6 months.  I've moved pretty much once a year since I moved out from home 13 yeas ago.  I've been in my current place for 2 now.  It really is perfect.  Great little 2 bedroom, very close to downtown.  I can walk or ride my bike to work or anywhere else I need to go.  And the rent can't be beat for the location. I don't want to move.

So anyway, I spoke to her tonight and she assured me they're maintaining ownership of the building so my worries of this place turning condo were for naught.  They do have a guy who they hired to be the manager of the properties, so that will be handy to have someone in this country I can talk to with a problem.  And she's only raising my rent $15 a month.  So I'm sticking around for at least one more year.

I'm thinking of taking the big plunge next year and btart house hunting.  * gulp *

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