Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lessons Learned

So when I left work yesterday my car was dead in the parking garage.  Of course.  It's only been like 2 months since I've had it in the shop.  So Bren and I walked the 3 miles from my apartment to the garage to get it out.  Luckily I was only 4 floors up and it was all downhill.  However, I quickly learned the breaks don't work when the car is not running.  Crap.  So that was a frightening adventure.  Hey at least there were cement walls everywhere to stop us if need be.

Once out into the alley I called AAA to come and tow it the whopping 3 blocks to the repair shop.  Then spent my entire Saturday sitting there waiting to give them another $700 I don't have.   And apparently there are a few other things wrong with it, so it will probably only run a couple more months.  Well at least I'm out that $700.

Unfortunately we took pay cuts at work because of the economy and my rent went up, so buying another car is not going to happen.  But, like all my fellow Americans I'm ready to make some cutbacks.  Although I don't have much to cut back from.  I don't have cable, or high speed Internet, or a car payment, or any memberships to gyms or programs that I can get rid of.  So I'm not exactly sure where to cut corners.  Except food and vet.  I stopped Yuna's insurance plan at the vet, so that will save me a little.  And I can start shopping at discount food markets again, and just buy less food.  I'll start riding my bike to work again since it's warming up a tad so I can save money on gas.  I don't leave the house much anymore anyway so I'm saving a bit on entertainment by not going out.  I'm in pretty good health since I workout a lot  (and I mean a LOT) so I could probably cut my health insurance for a year or so.  I think all that will help for the next year or so until things pick up again.

I wonder what I can get on the black market for one of my kidneys.....


  1. You should come shop at Aldi with me :) It saves us like half on our grocery bill and the food is pretty good. Plus it would be fun to have a grocery buddy sometimes!

  2. I so love Aldi's. I used to show there ALL the time. And they just build one not too far from my place! We should totally go.