Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love it

Mom sent me something about this:

I love it.  I so love it.  Apparently there is a walk next month in Delaware.  I wonder if I could talk Bren into doing that....  Hee hee.   Honestly, he would do it.  He'd hate it, but he'd do it for me.

This reminds me; I believe Take Back The Night is coming up either late next month or early May.  Maybe Il'l stop hemming and hawing and go this year.  Last year I was asked to go with a friend and speak during the Victims open mic thingy before the march.  I just didn't see the point.  That and, strange as this may sound, I hate public speaking.  Love acting, hate speeches.  Regardless, I'll probably go this year.  I know Bren goes every year.  Provided I'm not roped into speaking.  Sorry N, I'm not doin' it.  ;)  love you!

As we've all agreed on from my previous posts about my whole childhood thing; what's past is past.  Leave it there.

Now.  Who wants cake?!  I do, got any?  I'm hungry....

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