Friday, February 13, 2009

Second post. The good deed

I had my good deed for the day.


One of our sales reps from a vendor we use took me to lunch today.  (one of those “thank you for your business, please don’t eve leave us we need your money so bad we could cry” lunches.)  As we were walking over to the restaurant we passed a car parked in an alley at a meter.  Nice brand new looking Jeep.  With a big fat open wallet laying on the hood.  No one was anywhere to be found.  Being the people we are we could not in good conscious leave it laying there.  So I ran in Subway and asked all the people there if anyone owned that Jeep, to no avail.


We stood there pondering what to do and I thought we could take to the security desk in my building and leave a note on the car.  However upon closer inspection we found that the driver’s door was unlocked.  At this point I stopped to wonder what idiot not only leaves their doors unlocked on a brand new car, but leaves their wallet on the hood!! 


He suggested we leave it on the seat, but I was afraid someone would come along, open the door and take it.  So, I stuck it down between the seats, locked the door and we left.  I really hope they had their key with them too.  Considering they left their wallet out, god knows the key may have been in the ignition too. 


And now, my worst fear, as I just thought of this a few minutes ago…. What if the wallet did not belong to the owner of the car and they drive off with it and later wonder how the heck a stranger’s wallet got in their car.


Well I tried. 



  1. I bet $10 that the wallet belonged to Steve Matson and the Jeep belonged to someone else.

  2. HAHAHAH! That would not be any surprise at all.