Friday, February 27, 2009


 -I heart Simple Wikipedia so much.  Awesome for dummies like me!!  (Pretty sad that regular Wikipedia can be confusing to me sometimes.  Heh.)



 -My arthritis has flared up so bad today, I honest to goodness cried a little.  I usually medicate with some vodka, but it’s Lent.  Is there a “for medicinal purposes” clause in that?  Or maybe I could stop being so stubborn and take an Advil.  Although this one seems bad enough that I think Advil will just give me a stomach ache.


 -This is the week ‘o’ theatre for me and Bren apparently.  4 shows.  We saw Anna and the Annadroids (performance art dance group) on Sunday, Jesus Christ Superstar on  Monday.  We’re seeing a rental show at MadLab tonight and Assassins tomorrow night.  Whew. 


 -Don’t you hate it when you’re so hungry you could just cry, but you can’t figure out what the heck you want to eat?  Ugh.


 -I am amazed at my ability to maintain entire friendships with some people completely over text messages.  Honestly, I’m not real big on phone-talkin’ anyway. 


 -I work with this amazing woman from England.  She’s of Indian heritage though, but her accent is simple divine.  Anyway she brought in the massive chocolate covered strawberries that she made at home.  Check it out: 

[caption id="attachment_36" align="alignnone" width="258" caption="YUM!"]YUM![/caption]




 (Excuse my bites out of it.  That's a nickel, btw)  Good lord it was delicious too.  The chocolate was something I can’t even describe.  Sorry mom!


 -Ok, I’m going to go OD on Advil and hide under my desk for the rest of the day.


  1. In my opinion, you don't mess up good chocolate by wrapping it around fruit!

  2. Hah! Well I'm usually a strong advocate against mixing fruit of any kind with chocolate. Seriously, it's just not natural.