Wednesday, February 18, 2009

childhood burger

Had dinner with mom tonight after work.  Always a lovely time!  I had an incredible veggie burger with pesto and hummus.  YUM.

Anyhoo, mom brought a couple more boxes 'o' childhood from their basement for me.  A few weeks back I took home a few boxes.  It was really amazing to go through those.  All these things from my childhood I'd forgotten about.  Bren was watching me go through all these and laughing at how much I kept squealing and saying "OH MY GOSH!!  I forgot about my sticker collection!!  and my slap bracelets!"  etc.  (I'm dating myself a little) It was pretty cool to see a lot of those things again.

I also love reading through my old diaries from time to time.  Always enlighening and a bit entertaining.

I brought home a giant box I took from work that was used in a one act play I was in recently for the cats.  I cut a little hole on one side and turned it upside down.  It's like Christmas.  They spent an hour the other night chasing each other in and out of it, around it, all over it.  Makes me kick myself for spending $20 on another cat toy a few weeks ago.  Psh, give them a ball of tin foil and a box and they're set.

Well, off to another ever-exciting Wednesday night of vaccuming and attempting to stay awake on the couch.  Possibly a small wrestling match with the girls.

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