Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

So, I maybe added one or two rows onto the blanket so I did not take a picture.  Although in hindsight I should have.  Oh well.  Next week.

I got the yarn in my WIP bag with a hook for another project but I'm still debating making it at all.  I'm not sold on the yarn.  It was given to me in a swap, and it's cute, but it's meant for socks and doesn't work up well for other things, like the cowl I'm intending.  I haven't really had a chance to get much hooky time in recently anyway.  So we'll see.  I get a few rows on and see what it looks like.

What else is going on?  My improv troupe has our annual Valentine's show opening this weekend, Date Night.  Super fun and audiences seem to love it.  We bring a couple up and interview them a bit about their relationship; where they met, what they do for fun, where their first date was, etc etc.    Then we reenact their entire relationship as best we can.  Naturally we make it a bit weird and the couple loves it!!

And just so you're not without a photo this week, we took some really fun promo photos in our pajamas.  Here's mine.  :D

That's about it for me I guess.  I hope everyone else is well.  Much love!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five!

It's Friday one again and a very nice one at that.  The sun is shining, and the universe seems to be calming after what appeared to be a week long hissy fit.  (Was it just me? )

I got a rare treat today as well.  So as you probably know, I work in a high rise downtown and once a day or so I try to walk up the stairs to the top.  a) To get away from my desk for a minute and b) to get a few extra minutes of exercise a day.  So today I get to the top and run into a couple of maintenance guys.  They all know me and like me pretty well so they offered to let me out onto the roof for a minute.  MAN was that awesome!  Windy and cold but so, SO worth it!!!

So on to the list.  My usual source had some decent questions so I'll go with those.  So let's get on with it already!

Sensical Friday Five

1) How would you describe your sense of direction?
Off and on.  I have lived in Columbus my entire life and I still get lost sometimes.  It's kinda pathetic really.  But if I'm walking or driving somewhere I've never been I can almost always find my way back without assistance.  I can usually keep tabs on which way is North, East, etc.

2) Who's sense of humor is most like yours?
Oh jeez.  I'd like to think mine is very unique.  But if I had to pick a comedian, I'd have to go with Sarah Silverman.  Offensive with no apology and a slight sense of innocence about it.

3) What film's or novel's sense of place really impressed you?
Um, what?

4) When did you most recently and accurately sense danger?
Last night.  I just KNEW that unseen dragon spirit was out to get me and when it tried to shut me in the closet while I was getting a Ziploc bag off the top shelf fr all my extra paper clips....  wait, that was a dream.  God my dreams are weird.

5) How would you describe the scent of your car's interior?
Umm.... like a 14 year old car.  I don't think that it smells like anything.  Well when I run the dashboard fans it kind of smells like mold.  I'm sure that's safe.  Right?

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend planned.  Do something fun!!  I am sadly quite busy this weekend, but fully intend to enjoy tonight.    Much love.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

Mid week everyone!  Sure you could say it's Hump Day, but I'll stick with Happy Mid Week.

The big project for this week: Not losing my mind.  But that's all the time, so what's on the hooks?

Remember the blanket?  I've actually put a little more to it lately.  Looky here!

What?  Where did all that come from?!  I'm hoping I can call this halfway.  We'll see I guess.  But it's far and above what it was just a couple months ago.

Things are so insane right now I haven't had time for much else.  But just so you have some more pictures to look at, I did get myself a new keyboard and mouse for work to match all my other desk stuff:


Next scheduled project; TAXES!!  WHEEEEE!!!!  Try to contain yourselves.

That's really about it for now. I hope you all are well.  Much love!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five!

Wow, Friday again already?!  I'll take it.  Sheesh what a week.  But we're almost done.  And apparently a good part of the country is about get HAMMERED with snow.  Hope folks are prepared for a weekend indoors!  Get some wine, Netflix, your favorite blanket and snuggle up.

My usual source had some deep questions today.  Why not?

It's All About Balance Friday Five:

1) When opposing forces in your life pull you in different directions, how do you recenter yourself and find balance?
Oy does this happen a lot.  I'll be honest, sometimes my reaction is complete and utter freak out, then shut down.  It's not healthy or productive, but after about a day of flippin' my crap then shutting down I feel oddly better and able to focus.  I allow myself to feel the feels and move on after that.  So I don't think it's totally bad, but I need to recenter myself quicker sometimes.  I don't always have the luxury of having a day to reset.  Sometimes, at work, if I'm about to burst I get up from my desk and climb the stairs to the top of my building (floor 35) then sit quietly just looking at the wall and listening to my breathing slow down and feel my heart rate slow.  Then I walk back down.  That helps immensely.

2) What are often the greatest threats to your overall balance?
Uh, life?  Isn't that true of everyone?  It comes at us from all sides all day long.

3) If you could add just a little more of one thing to your life and have a little less of another, what would they be?
I think I would answer this the same as anyone.  More time, less stress.  But if we're going to be realistic I'd say more focus (which I'm working on) and less self-loathing (which I'm also working on).

4) What are pluses and minuses of hanging out with mercurial people, and what are pluses and minuses of hanging out with even-keeled people?  Which tend to populate your social groups most?
Huh.  That's a brain bender.  My social circles include both really.  For someone like me, textbook introvert, Mercurial people tend to wear me out quickly.  I have lots of friends like this and I adore them greatly, but after a night with them I need some time to myself to kind of reset.  I get emotionally drained quickly and I really need to be in the right frame of mind ahead of time.  Please don't misunderstand me I'm not saying "Oy my friends EXHAUST me!" That makes is sound like I don't want to be around them.  I do!  It challenges me and keeps me from drawing too far inside myself.  They honestly balance me.  Plus they're fun as heck and I love them all so much.

5) What's your greatest challenge in maintaining a balanced diet?
The world.  Honestly, at the risk of sounding like a royal jerk; mostly people all around me.  Not everyone has the same diet as me, and that's fine!  But when my co-workers are constantly bringing in donuts and cookies, and all my friends want me to try this new restaurant (and there is always a new restaurant) it's very difficult to resist.  Yes, I recognize that's on me to not eat the donuts or not try the new restaurant but gosh-DANG the temptation.  Food is hard to resist for me.  I can usually do it, but some days that donut looks like a gift from the heavens and I would be refusing GOD HIMSELF if I walked away.

Whew!  That was quite a list there.  Hope you're still with me after all that.  I'm hoping to have some cool stuff to share coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by my little blog.  Hope everyone is well, much love!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five

It's Friday once again.  It's been a long week, too but we're almost there.

My usual source doesn't have a very exciting list so I'm using a random question generator for today's list. So let's see what we get on today's:

Totally Random Friday Five!

1)  Have you ever been to the Emergency Room?  What for?
A couple times.  Most recently a couple October's ago I tried to take off a finger with the hedge trimmer.  Ugh.  That was not pretty.  Prior to that, back in 2003 I was in and out of a couple before someone finally realized I was actually very sick.  I had an infection that left me hospitalized for a week.

2)  If you could acquire any skill, what would it be?
Something utterly useless but fun.  Like playing the accordion or being a better whistler.  I mean sure I could pick something lucrative, but YAWN.  I guess it would be kind of nice to be able to do basic math without a calculator.  Seriously, that part of my brain is apparently gone.  I can't add 2 digit numbers unaided.  I mean I can but don't expect an answer in under 5 minutes.

3)  Is it better to work at a job that you love, or a job that pays well?
Really?  Ask a hippie this question?  The former.  Money does not buy happiness.  Period.  Happiness buys happiness.

4)  What position do you usually sleep in?
On my stomach.  This is very likely why my neck hurts all the time.  I'm flat on my stomach with my head turned to one side, no pillow.  I've tried to change positions to help the neck issues; and I'll fall asleep ok, but I wake up on my stomach with my pillows pushed away every time.

5) If you were he opposite gender for one day what would you do?
Make more money for my same job.  Yeah I went there.

I guess that's it for my list.  Feel free to answer these on your blog, or in my comments.  Happy weekend, much love!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

Hey, remember that gift I was working on last week?  The birthday gift.  It's for my mom.  And I screwed it up something awful.  So.... I frogged the whole thing and started over.  Sadly, her birthday is this weekend and there's no way I'll have it done in time.  Sorry mom, your gift will be late!

Blanket...still sitting in the corner of the living room.  Some day blanket, some day.

No other real projects right now outside of keeping a grasp of my sanity at work.  Barely.

I hope everyone else is well.  Much love!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Filofax Notebook

I bought a Filofax notebook for work so I thought I'd do a little video review of it.  All in all, pretty nice little notebook!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five!!

Woohoo!  End of the week, time for a Friday Five!!

I got my list from my usual source but it's from a couple weeks back.  The recent lists weren't all that exciting to me.  So let's move on to today's:

Know-It-All Friday Five

1) What's something you know how to do beneath the hood of a car?
Hm.  Well I can check and replace all the common engine fluids.  Oil, brake, transmission, washer, etc.  I can change a battery, but not in my current car.  It's buried behind one of the wheels which is beyond stupid.

2) What's something you know how to fold a piece of paper into?


3) What's something you know how to do in the outdoors?
I'm pretty good at building a campfire.  I'm also REALLY good at tripping over things and falling down.

4) What's something you know how to do with a length of rope?
Not much.  I'm TERRIBLE at knots.  I can make a square knot and a granny knot.  I could crochet it though.

5) What's something you know how to do with a deck of cards?
Shuffle and play card games.  Not very exciting, but I don't really know any card tricks and can't build a house of cards either.

Well that list wasn't very interesting after all.  Heh.  Sorry folks.  I hope everyone is well and having a great new year so far!  Much love!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

I've been slacking with my hooks lately.  It's sad, but I'm getting back on the wagon.  A friend and I recently started a weekly Stitch n' Bitch on Mondays which has really helped my crochet mojo.

As for crochet projects, I only have one (kind of two) going at the moment.  And the one is a birthday gift for someone who may pop into my blog here so no photos.  But take my word it's super cute.  :D  I'll post copious photos when it's done.

The other kind of project..... remember that blanket that was supposed to be a gift for theonlyboyfriend's family like.... 5 years ago?  Oh yeah that's still in the works.  I think I may be working on that for the rest of my life.  I used to love making blankets.  Now.... don't ever ask me for a blanket.  I may stab you.  But I started this so dang it all, I'm gonna finish it.

I don't really have any other projects per se going on.  I am currently rehearsing with my improv troupe for our big annual February show, so there's that.  Honestly, between that, work, and my rigorous napping schedule, my plate is full.

Sorry there are no photos and this post is kind of boring.  But hey, I'm here!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Remember me?


I'd kinda given up on the blog for awhile there.  I lost focus, got frustrated, doubted myself, then got really busy, then got REALLY depressed, then the holidays happened.  

I guess my biggest problem here is lack of focus.  I don't seem to have one subject matter for my blog and I worry that will bore people.  But, much l like my journaling which has also gotten terrible, I decided I don't care.  I just want to write.  

So I'm going to try to be better about posting here.  I can't promise to be consistent, but I'm sure going to try.  I will at least try to stick with my Wednesday WIPs and Friday Fives because those are pretty easy to do for the most part.  I'll try to toss in some other posts as well.

I really hope all of you are well, if any of you are still checking in on me,