Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five!!

TGIF my dear readers!  And we're still cold and still covered in snow.  Only it's old, gray, dirty, half melted/half frozen snow, not the pretty white fluffy stuff we had for awhile.  So.... kinda depressing.  But the sun is still shining and we're closing in on the weekend and I am so ready for that!!  Mmmmm, nap.

I took my list from a different source this week.  No reason, just checked there and found a semi-interesting 5 list.  So let's just get on with it, yeah?

Fresh and Clean Friday Five!

1) Do you shave every day?
Uh, no.  I'm thinking question is geared towards men, maybe?  I shave the pits every 2 or 3 days though.  But not every day.  That hurts just thinking about it.  And let's all just be honest here.  it's winter.  My legs are hairy.  Deal with it.  

2) What brands (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc) do you use?  Do you stick with one brand?
Soap; whatever is on sale.  Shampoo and conditioner; mildly touchy subject.  I'm trying different types lately and not having good luck.  I want to find something more natural/ sulfate-free to use, but with my hair type everything I've tried has been a complete disaster.  I have incredibly thin and fine hair that is disgustingly greasy.  Pantene has always worked great so when whatever I'm trying one month fails again, I go back to Pantene for awhile.  I'm about to give up on this quest.

3) Do you brush your teeth in the shower?  
No.  Ew.  Sorry, I know a lot of folks do this, but I find it gross.  Honestly, I really hate showering and the less time I can spend in there the better.  But toothpaste spit and nudity.... not my favorite combo. 

4) Shower at night or in the morning. 
Night.  I hate leaving the house with wet hair.  I prefer to just do it in the evening when I'm in for the night.  

5) Do you listen to the radio while in the shower?
Nope.  Again, I want to be in and out of the shower as quick as I can so I would only maybe hear a commercial break and the first 30 seconds of a song anyway.  So no point really.

Well I guess that's it for this week.  I hope everyone is well.  Do something fun this weekend.  DO IT!!  :)  Much love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday WIPs

Kinda left this post out last week.  Sorry.  Almost didn't write it this week.  I'm having a serious case of the "Why bother with anything ever?" this week.  It's very hard to stay positive when you're beaten down day after day after day.

BUT ANYWAY, you don't care about all that blah blah, you're here for some WIPs, amirite?!

Dude, my Year of Weather scarf is really coming along.  It's gonna take some blocking and breaking in once it's done, but I have a whole year and all.

And looking at this, we've had a lot of sun so far this year!  You wouldn't think it, with how cold it's been, but the scarf don't lie.

Speaking of scarves...

Ta-da!  I was going to do blocks of colors, but I think I might make it all blue with the magenta on the ends.  We'll see, it might look really cool, or really dumb.  But either way it's really squishy and soft.

The blanket sits in the corner, begging for a row or two, and I may comply if I get some time this week if I can stay awake past 9.

That's really it craft-wise.  Life outside of crafts is not really worth talking about right now so... we'll just leave it at that.

I really hope you're all staying warm out there!  Much love!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five!!

It's been a minute since I posted last.  Whew.  But I'm back and have a fun little list for Friday.  First, I'm happy to say my brother is back home again!  He's staying with my folks for a little while to finish healing up and get his strength back.  But he's no longer up in Cleveland and can be with his kids again.  Happy news indeed!!  As for theonlyhousehold, it's been busy and stressful and kinda annoying.  Got myself into a bit of a funk this week, but managed to keep moving forward.

But enough of my blathering, let's get on with today's....

Chinese New Year Friday Five!!!

1)  What is your experience with firecrackers and sparklers?
We used to shoot some small ones off in the yard on the 4th of July.  And of course went to see big displays on the 4th of July as well.  So really, the bulk of my experiences are related to the 4th of July.  Outside of that, they're not all that big in my life.

2) What is the occasion the last time you gave someone money as a gift?
A wedding I think.  Pretty sure.  I gave some gift cards and Christmas, that's kinda like money, right?

3) What is the reddest thing you own?
Our bedroom.  Haute Red to be specific.  It is RED!  And looks amazing.  :)

4) What animal represents you in the Chinese Zodiac, and what qualities do you have in common with it?
I'm a snake.  Reading the description is sounds pretty identical to Scorpio, which I am also.  Introverted, yet strangely active.  Insecure and jealous.  And much like a Scorpio.... don't piss us off.  Ever.  Yeah I fit the bill pretty much spot on.

5) What is your favorite order in a Chinese restaurant?
Chicken lo Mein.  Mmmmmm.  Something about those noodles.  Dang it now I'm hungry.  I don't get Chinese food much because holy calories, Batman!  But I love to treat myself on occasion.

I know it was yesterday, but Happy Chinese New Year!  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend ahead of them and for the love of all things holy, STAY WARM!!!  You know I loves me some winter and snow, but this -30 windchill crap can go away any time.  Brrrrrr.

Much love!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joy from the other side of the world

I just have to share my joy with the world.

It's been a rough year thus far, I've made no secret of that.  A very dear friend of mine is currently studying in Germany and Austria for a few months and we stay connected through Ravelry and the Facebox, so she knows well all the crap that's hit theonlyhousehold.  Being the amazing woman she is, she sent a really large and VERY generous care package to theonlyboyfriend and I all the way from Austria!!

You guys, I put down my tough-guy act for a moment and wept at my desk in sheer gratitude and love.  I'm beyond touched that she did this.

All tucked neatly in there


Candies, chocolate, tea, yarn, etc, etc, etc....  Even a little stein with my favorite composer of all time, Mozart!!!

Chelsea, you ROCK!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday WIPs!!

I finished the gloves!!! Blocked and everything.  Ta-da!

Haven't touched the blanket, obviously.  And only put maybe another row or two on the Tunisian scarf.  I have been plugging steadily away at my weather scarf too.  I'll get a photo of that one for next week.  It's looking interesting for sure.  I'm loving the idea, but it's not exactly pretty.  Heh.

Well anyway, that's really about all that's new and exciting in my life.  Sorry for such a short and boring post.

At least let me leave you with this photo I took from my office window this morning:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five!

Woohoo!  Friday once again.  Got paid, paid bills, broke again.  And the cycle continues.  But that's life, amirite?!

It's been a crazy week; work is exploding, back and forth to Cleveland for my brother, keeping up at home... But in happy news, my brother was released from the hospital yesterday!!  He has to stay in Cleveland for a couple more weeks near the hospital at a hotel until he is more healed and they know his equipment is working properly before he can come all the way home.  Yay for some good news for a change.

Ok, well enough of my blah blahs, lets get on with today's:

Smelly Friday Five!!*

1) What is your favorite smell in nature?
Lily of the Valley.  They are my most favorite flowers and I love being near them, and I could just sit and smell them for hours and hours on end.  Just thinking of them is making me so happy.  It's a shame they only bloom for like a week.

2) What smell makes your nostalgic and why?
Candles.  Plain wax candles.  They make me think of church on Christmas Eve, and visiting the Ohio Historical Village when I was young, where all the building were lit by candles and oil lamps.  And birthdays.  Candles really transport me back.  Every time.

3) What small makes you happy?
Clean linen.  That fresh clean smell.  I have these wax tarts and candles from Glade called Clean Linen.  Anything that smells like that just makes me smile and so feel so happy inside.

4) What do the seasons smell of?
Spring: Rain.  Clean.  Fresh.  Roses.
Summer: Smog.  Sweat.  Wet.  It's like breathing soup.
Fall: Leaves.  Rain.  Campfires.
Winter: Snow.  Salt.

5) What is the last thing you actively remember smelling?
My coffee sitting next to me right now.  Mmmm, coffee.

That was a fun list, I really enjoyed that one.

Happy weekend, I hope everyone is well ans has some fun things to get into this weekend!!!  Much love.

Different source for questions this week.  Got them from old school LJ!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday WIPs

Whazzup Wednesday peoples?!  Guess what?  I actually have some WIPs to share!!  Crochet ones even!  What?!

I've been working on these fingerless gloves forever and seriously, I could have finished them in maybe 2 or 3 nights.  But they were my travel project so I just kinda threw a row on here or there as I could.  I'm almost completely done with them.  I'm debating on is I want to do a fancy row at the bottom around the wrist or not, but either way they need blocked something awful.  Not the best photo, but you get the idea.  (The one on the right is not smaller, it's just laying weird.)

Next up, that crazy blanket I've been working on for like... a year now.  Almost.  Yeah it's one of those that sits in the corner for a few weeks, I finish a couple rows, then it sits again.  At this rate maybe I'll get it done by Christmas 2017.  But it's moving:

Lastly, I started a scarf in a basic Tunisian Ribbed stitch, just for funsies.

This photo does not do the colors justice.  It's a deep magenta and indigo.  :)

So those are my crochet WIPs!!  Outside of that just trying to keep my head above water at work and everywhere else.  It's the everywhere else that's giving me fits right now.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is well.   Much love!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mark's Planner Review

Here is the video I promised!  It's a review of a planner I won in a give away.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five

Wow, I nearly forgot my post.  Sorry.  I started it and was interrupted.  (That's a joke you'll get soon) Anyway, this is my 700th post!!  WHAT?!  Where does the time go?

This long, long week is finally over.  It's Friday once again.  Now I can.... clean the house?  Sigh.  It never ends.

Anyway, today's list from my usual source was all too close to home for me, so I had to do this one.  So without further ado, here is today's:

Interrupted Friday Five!

1) How regularly do you get interrupted at work, and how well do you handle it?
Oh my god that's all my job is.  Interruptions.  I honestly don't remember the last time I got ANYTHING done without someone interrupting me.  It's just.... constant.  I hesitate starting projects or really anything at work anymore because I know I won't finish it immediately.  Ever.

2) What was the occasion the last time a TV program you were watching was interrupted by breaking news?
I honestly can't remember.  We watch mostly Netflix at home.  I know I've had weather reports cut away from something that may have been on the TV.  I just can't recall the last time.

3) Whose flow did you most recently interrupt, and what was so important?
Oh man, who knows.  If I've really thrown someone off lately, they were too polite to tell me I did so.  I'm sure I interrupt my boss a lot with questions.  She never seems to complain, but I wouldn't doubt it if once in awhile it really annoyed her.  I try not to, but if it's a quick question with a small answer, I usually just ask.  But never if she's on the phone or anything.  Man that's so not ok.  I try never to do that unless it's an emergency.

4) How easily does your train of thought get interrupted?
Hm.  Well I'd say I'm kind of - SQUIRREL!!!

5) What's something in your life that could use some interrupting?
This weird existential crisis thing I seem to be going through.  Seriously, what the heck?  I'm too young for a mid-life crisis, so what is all this?!  I keep filling my head with "How did I get here? Where am I going?  Is any of this real?" type questions.  And it's getting old.

Whew.  That was a good one!  Definitely evoked some emotion there.  But hey, I'm home now and my weekend has started.  Anyone have hot plans?  I am going to go start filming the promised video as soon as I post this and eat some dinner.  I hope everyone is well and has an awesome weekend. Much love!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Whatever

A funny thing about grieving; when you're supporting everyone else who is, you forget to do it yourself.  Then it sneaks up on you.  And it sucks.

Heartbreaks aside, I'm finally getting back into routine a bit.  I actually have a video I need to film later this week.  I won this awesome-sauce planner in a giveaway and I promised a review of it.  So look forward to that, I'll post it here when it's up.  I'm hoping this weekend.  If you're too excited the video that had the planner give away is right here.  She's holding the exact planner I have sitting next to me right now.  First off, I never win anything so this is so cool.  Second, FAN GIRL SQUEAL! I got something from one of my favorite YouTube celebs. And third, it's really a cool planner.

Moving along.  Remember that year of weather scarf I mentioned?  Boom:

That's the first 27 days of 2015.  We've had more sun than I expected.  I'm sticking with it, adding my stripe every day.  When I was gone for a few days I made a note in my planner about the weather back home so I could catch up.  And I did!

I started another crochet project over the weekend, but ripped it back when I realized I didn't have enough yarn for it.  DERP!  I was using scrap yarn so I had no idea how much I had.  Answer; not enough.

Outside of that I'm just keeping myself busy with getting back into my workout schedule, keeping the house clean, and working.  And work is insane.

I'm hoping to post more here and more videos this year.  I hope that a lot though and it doesn't always happen.  But hey, the intentions are there.  :)  Anyway, enough of my lame excuses.  I hope everyone out there is well.  Much love!!