Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five!

Another week gone by.  Hard to believe the week started with a funeral.  Work is insane right now and I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things, so I haven't had much free time for things like blogging and sleeping.  You know.  But, I found a few minutes here to get my list in for Friday.  I got it from My usual source and it seemed easy enough.  So let's get right into it, shall we?

Inflated Friday Five

1) What are your thoughts on balloons?
Not a fan.  They look pretty and all, but I really hate being startled more than anything else and balloons are just ticking time bombs of startle.  Right?

2)What has anyone said recently to inflate your ego?
I've been told a few times at work that I'm completely un-replaceable.  (I got a kind of, sort of promotion and they're trying to fill my position)  I feel for whoever has to take over my job.  Oy.

3) What's something that recently let the wind out of your sails?
Theonlyboyfriend's mom passing.  That seriously took all out breath out for awhile.  Sudden death does that, I think.

4) What inflatable items do you have in your home?
We have an air mattress we use for camping stored away in the basement.  Nothing else really.  I have a cat so....yeah.  That'd be asking for trouble.

5) What's something who's price has been a surprise?
The question did not specify good or bad surprise.  Putting theonlyboyfriend on a plane last week, one way, cost WAY more than it should have.  There are a few reasons we never fly anywhere and that's a big one.

There ya have it.  Nothing to earth shattering, but at least I got something in!  Now for a glass of wine and going to bed way too early for a Friday night.  I hope everyone is well.  Much love!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five!

It's been a minute since I've done one of these, and I need a 5 minute break form everything that has been going on here lately.  Oddly enough My usual source has a list with a topic near and dear to my heart, so hopefully this should be relatively easy.  Let's dive right into today's....

Homey Friday Five!

1) What is your approach to dealing with (Or preventing) clutter?
Well first and foremost the "one in one out" rule.  Anytime I get something new in the house, something goes.  If I'm looking to really declutter, one in, two out.  Example; I got a new winter coat for Christmas. Soon as it went into the closet, one went into the donation pile.  Also, I put things away immediately.  I never leave stuff laying around saying I'll put it back later.  Ever.  It takes 3 seconds and saves a ton of grief later on.  And I spend about 5 minutes every day straightening things up.  5 minutes, that's it.

2) What kind of (tangible) things do you seem to have an unreasonable time letting go of?
Hmmmm.  I dunno.  I'm not very sentimental with things so I can usually get rid of stuff easily.  Maybe clothing.  I seem to have a hard time letting go of clothes, even stuff I barely wear.  I've gotten better with it though.

3) If you could start completely over with your existing living space (and money were only a slight limitation), how would you make it more suited to you and your lifestyle?
Good lord that's a weird and difficult question.  Hmmm.  More comfy furniture?  Gosh I feel like everything at home is just how we want it.

4) How many standalone kitchen appliances do you own and how many do you use regularly?
Very little, and even less.  The coffee pot is the only thing that gets daily use.  Everything else is just as needed.  I think the George Foreman grill is the second in line for most use.  We're not big chefs at our house.

5) What does your current living space really need more of?
Cats. Hah.  Nah, we're good with the one.  She's the size of about 3 cats anyway. Like I said in #3, we seem to be very happy with our home at this time.  We do say we should host more gatherings though.  So we could certainly have more friends about.

Ok I guess that's about it for today's list.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend ahead of them.  Mine will be.... well travelling and then a funeral so...yeah.  I love each and every one of you dear readers.  Much love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Well that's a fine how do you do, 2015

Guys, I'm at a loss for words here today.  Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  2015 is just... I mean... good god his year sucks so far.  Seriously 2015, what did we ever do to you?!

Ok so let me back up here.  My brother has been not well for awhile.  He's had problems with his heart since his early 20s.  He had a quadruple by-pass at 26 years old.  (2001).  Fast forward to 2014.  He hasn't been feeling well most of the year.  Tired a lot, losing tons of weight, etc.  His heart has been failing.  Christmas day it got to the point he was hospitalized.  Then we got the news we were all dreading.  Heart failure.  It's beyond repair now.  2 days ago, he had his second open heart surgery of his life to get an LVAD put in to keep him going until he can get a transplant.  He'll be recovering from that for some time.  Then it's back in again, when he gets a new heart.

So...yeah.  That's been my life for the last month or so.  Just as we're starting to kind of relax a little we got a terrible phone call last night.  Theonlyboyfriend's mother passed away very suddenly.  She'd been very ill for awhile, but we were certainly not expecting this.  Does anyone expect it?  Even if so, are you ever truly prepared for the news?  She was only 56 years old, you guys.  56.

I got him on a flight home to the east coast this morning.  We're all just kind of dazed right now, going through the motions and bursting into tears randomly.  It still doesn't feel real yet.  Yet we're both still doing the stereotypical "I should have called/visited more."  I shoulda....I shoulda....

So, I guess that's my life right now.  2015, you can seriously suck it.

I truly hope everyone else is well right now.  Hug someone you love today.  Let them know how you feel.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Obligatory New Years Post

Seems like everyone does a year end recap/happy new year post.  I'm not exactly sure what to say about mine.  2014 was the year of lazy.  My goodness, for as much as I got accomplished I sure was lazy this past year.

I'm not much on the New Years Resolutions, I try to make positive changes to my life all year round and start when I'm ready.  But it is a good time to reflect on what one has accomplished and what is still left.

I began my decluttering journey towards minimalism and made a bit of progress.  A ways to go yet for sure, but the basic changes to lifestyle and manner of thinking has changed.  And that's the hardest part.

We're having a lazy New Year's Day at theonlyhousehold.  We started the Lord of the Rings trilogy at noon and we're watching them all!  That's about all we have planned for the day.  I hope everyone else had a safe and very happy New Year.  Here's looking forward to a year of happiness, love and self-improvement!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A new project for 2015

I have a pretty cool little project I plan to start for 2015 and I am SUPER excited!!  I'm calling it The Year of Weather Scarf!

I've seen folks make similar items as blankets or shawls, etc.  Sometimes with temperatures, sometimes with sky views.  But I'm going with weather.  Basically I ass one row to the scarf every day, in a certain color I have chosen to match the weather of that day.  Yellow for sunny, blue for rain, white for snow, etc.  Here's what I'm using:

I need to do a gauge swatch to see what stitch I'll use and to ensure the scarf won't be 12 feet long. 

So anyway, there it is!  It may end up being kinda lame, but I'm excited to at least take this on for sure.  I'll update throughout the year as I can.  

How has everyone's holiday season been shaping up so far?!  Ir's been so nice here.  Spending time with my family, laying around in PJ's all day... ahhhhh.  This is my kind of vacation!!  I hope everyone is well and at least finding some nice moments to relax when you can.  Much love!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Speaking in tongues

X: Nikki, are you on Pinterest?!
Me: Uh, I don’t think I am.  I mean, not that I’m aware of.
X: But you do craft stuff!
Me: Well, I’m on Ravelry.  Are you looking for patterns or something?  I’m not sure what you’re asking me here.
X: I was going to follow you.
Me: *blank stare*
X: On Pinterest!
Me: I’m really sorry, I promise I’m not trying to be difficult but I don’t understand what this conversation is about. 
X: Pinterest!
Me:  Yes it’s a website, I don’t really know what it is though.  Like…what it’s for.
X: Oh!  I use it to find recipes.
Me: Ok well I don’t really cook so I can’t help you with recipes.  I do have a really great cookbook I can recommend though.  Heck, you can borrow it if you want.
X: I saw this scarf on Pinterest the other day, you should make one!
Me: I thought we were talking about cooking.
X: It was knitted, you knit right?
Me: No, I crochet actually, there’s a big diff…
X: I’ll pin it on your board.

Me:  I’m going to back away slowly now and work on avoiding you for the next couple months. 

For the record I have no idea what reddit is either.  And my life is still very full and content. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brief Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of a Wednesday Post.  I'm likely going to take a little hiatus from my blog again until after he New Year, for a few reasons.  I want to reevaluate what I'm doing with my blog and if I want to keep it at all.  I seem to only have a few readers and it's probably because I have no real focus here.  I'm all over the place.  Which is fine if this will just be a "here's my life/diary" kind of blog.  But if I want to have a specific focus, be it crafting, organizing, or something else; then I need to focus on whatever that is and leave the other crap out.  I think I fail to post much because I have no idea what to post about.  I get on crochet kicks and have cool projects to share, then my hooks sit dormant for months at a time.  Then I do a couple awesome home projects, then I have nothing else to work on at home for awhile.  (Or no money to do anything else!)

I'm definitely open to suggestions on what to do here.

Also, being the holidays things are getting kind of busy in theonly-household.  I've got a lot going on this month and not a lot of time at home to do fun stuff.  And, if I'm being honest and dumping my feelings out here, I haven't been feeling top-notch lately and haven't really felt like doing much when I do have the time.

Anyway, I will try to pop in and post photos at least here and there during the holidays.  Or if I make any more videos I'll share those too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a lovely New Year!

Here's a couple photos from one of my favorite places in Columbus, which luckily is walking distance from my house!!  The Book Loft.  Their walkway and patio look amazing all year, but they really do it up for Christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five! I guess. I mean if I HAVE to.

That probably came off wrong.  It was supposed to be sarcastic.  Because that's the theme of this weeks list.  And... Um....yeah.

Let's just get on with it before I dig any deeper.  :)

Sarcastic Friday Five:

1)  What are you sarcastically thankful for today?
Yet another *beautiful* day in December in Ohio.  By that I mean gray and rainy.  Awesome.

2)  What are you sarcastically looking forward to this weekend?
Cleaning.  Now, yes sometimes I do enjoy cleaning, but sometimes I just wanna be lazy. But this house is a dang mess.

3)  What's something that has sarcastically given you a sense of accomplishment lately?
Getting out of bed.  Hell I did that much, right?

4)  What will you do to sarcastically better yourself in the next few days?
Eat Christmas candy.  Cuz' that's good for you.

5)  Do you agree with Jon Cryer who said "Sarcasm is lost in print" and Megan Fix who said "Sarcasm doesn't translate in print at all?"
Yes and no.  Sometimes it's obvious when someone is being sarcastic in written form, but sometimes... yeah it does not come through.  We need a sarcasm font.  Like Comic Sans.

Well THAT was upbeat and fun.  (sarcasm)  :)  But hey, I did a list and didn't forget!!  Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?  I'm hoping to get the last of my Christmas shopping done, get the tree up and decorate a little!  :)  Hope you have a good one no matter what you do.  Much love!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday What's Up?!

What's up everybody?  Yeah, no posts last week.  Wanna know why?  I was on stay-cation.  I took the entire week off work and I did nothing.  Nothing.  Well ok, so Monday I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, and Thanksgiving was in there.  But I promise you I put real pants on maybe twice all week.  Crocheted a little, read books, napped excessively, and spent a lot of quality time with the cat.  And that's really about it.  Yeah!!  And you know what else?  I still have lots of time off to burn before the end of the year so I'm taking a good bit of time off later this month too.  Woot!!

But lest I leave with just one paragraph of boring updates on my lack of a life here lately, I did get myself an awesome birthday present the Friday before last.


Here's a closer view.  I just took this and it's not 100% healed yet.  And I just put ointment on it so it looks kinda shiny.

That's all for me!  Hope everyone else is well.  So much love!!