Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brief Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of a Wednesday Post.  I'm likely going to take a little hiatus from my blog again until after he New Year, for a few reasons.  I want to reevaluate what I'm doing with my blog and if I want to keep it at all.  I seem to only have a few readers and it's probably because I have no real focus here.  I'm all over the place.  Which is fine if this will just be a "here's my life/diary" kind of blog.  But if I want to have a specific focus, be it crafting, organizing, or something else; then I need to focus on whatever that is and leave the other crap out.  I think I fail to post much because I have no idea what to post about.  I get on crochet kicks and have cool projects to share, then my hooks sit dormant for months at a time.  Then I do a couple awesome home projects, then I have nothing else to work on at home for awhile.  (Or no money to do anything else!)

I'm definitely open to suggestions on what to do here.

Also, being the holidays things are getting kind of busy in theonly-household.  I've got a lot going on this month and not a lot of time at home to do fun stuff.  And, if I'm being honest and dumping my feelings out here, I haven't been feeling top-notch lately and haven't really felt like doing much when I do have the time.

Anyway, I will try to pop in and post photos at least here and there during the holidays.  Or if I make any more videos I'll share those too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a lovely New Year!

Here's a couple photos from one of my favorite places in Columbus, which luckily is walking distance from my house!!  The Book Loft.  Their walkway and patio look amazing all year, but they really do it up for Christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five! I guess. I mean if I HAVE to.

That probably came off wrong.  It was supposed to be sarcastic.  Because that's the theme of this weeks list.  And... Um....yeah.

Let's just get on with it before I dig any deeper.  :)

Sarcastic Friday Five:

1)  What are you sarcastically thankful for today?
Yet another *beautiful* day in December in Ohio.  By that I mean gray and rainy.  Awesome.

2)  What are you sarcastically looking forward to this weekend?
Cleaning.  Now, yes sometimes I do enjoy cleaning, but sometimes I just wanna be lazy. But this house is a dang mess.

3)  What's something that has sarcastically given you a sense of accomplishment lately?
Getting out of bed.  Hell I did that much, right?

4)  What will you do to sarcastically better yourself in the next few days?
Eat Christmas candy.  Cuz' that's good for you.

5)  Do you agree with Jon Cryer who said "Sarcasm is lost in print" and Megan Fix who said "Sarcasm doesn't translate in print at all?"
Yes and no.  Sometimes it's obvious when someone is being sarcastic in written form, but sometimes... yeah it does not come through.  We need a sarcasm font.  Like Comic Sans.

Well THAT was upbeat and fun.  (sarcasm)  :)  But hey, I did a list and didn't forget!!  Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?  I'm hoping to get the last of my Christmas shopping done, get the tree up and decorate a little!  :)  Hope you have a good one no matter what you do.  Much love!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday What's Up?!

What's up everybody?  Yeah, no posts last week.  Wanna know why?  I was on stay-cation.  I took the entire week off work and I did nothing.  Nothing.  Well ok, so Monday I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, and Thanksgiving was in there.  But I promise you I put real pants on maybe twice all week.  Crocheted a little, read books, napped excessively, and spent a lot of quality time with the cat.  And that's really about it.  Yeah!!  And you know what else?  I still have lots of time off to burn before the end of the year so I'm taking a good bit of time off later this month too.  Woot!!

But lest I leave with just one paragraph of boring updates on my lack of a life here lately, I did get myself an awesome birthday present the Friday before last.


Here's a closer view.  I just took this and it's not 100% healed yet.  And I just put ointment on it so it looks kinda shiny.

That's all for me!  Hope everyone else is well.  So much love!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Super Special Friday Five!!

It are mah birfday!!!!  So being the 37th anniversary of the day of my birth and just a few days shy of Thanksgiving, I'm gonna be SUPER cheesy and make my list 5 things I'm grateful for.  :)

Grateful Friday Five:

1) My amazing parents.  For reals, I have the most amazing parents ever.  And being as impossibly awesome as I am, they must have done a great job raising me.  Seriously, they're always there when I need them, super supportive, wonderful, gracious, awesome people.  And I love them with all of my heart and soul!

2) My church.  Also, always there for me, and always waiting with a hug and kind words.  I'm truly happy and blessed to have found Gates Fourth United Methodist.   And that organ!  HOLY SCHLAMOLY!!!  If you dig organ music we not only have a highly impressive organ, but we're lucky enough to have one of the best organists in the city!

3) My health.  For the beating I give my body on a daily basis with my workouts; I'm shocked sometimes that I'm still alive.  But here I am, healthy.  I very rarely get sick (although now that I say that...) and when I do it's over with pretty quick.  I like to think it's from the massive amounts of raw veggies I eat every day.  I think genetics play a role in there too.

4) My job.  Sure it has it's downsides and annoyances, every job does.  It's far from perfect, but after a lot of the jobs I've had in the past, this place is a wonderland.  (*cough cough Job and Family Services cough cough*  Geh)  But most of the people at work are awesome, my boss is amazing and over all I enjoy coming to work each day.

5) Netflix.  Well the last 4 have been predicable and unoriginal.  And Netflix is amazing!  So there.  :P

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and an even more wonderful Thanksgiving next week!  Anyone doing anything unique or crazy?  Going somewhere interesting?  Do share!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday WIPs!

What has two thumbs and finished her scarf?!  THIS GAL!

It needs blocked, it's kinda curly on the ends.  I plan to work on that soon.

Started making a couple more of these:

Don't blink!  I've made lots, but I keep giving them away so I have to keep making more so we can have some!  It's ok though, it's a gift I don't mind giving.  :)

I've had an organizing video sitting waiting to be edited and posted for quite some time now.  I plan to work on it next week while I'm off work.  Aw yeah, whole week off for me!!  YAY!

Gosh, I think that's about all that's going on with me right now.  Prepping for the holidays and some time off and all, but keeping things simple as always.  Hope everyone else is well!  Much love.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Six!!!

Forgot to post my list yesterday and I even had one!!  GAH!  So I'm gonna do that list with a bonus question as an apology and to keep my blog post title alliterative.

It's from my usual source from last week actually.

Non Sequitur Friday Five Saturday Six!!

1) What is your sneeze like?
Really loud.  I'm not one of those dainty girls with a cute little sneeze.  No, I sound like a startled elephant.  Then massive amounts of snot ooze out afterwards.  Yeah, I'm gross.  Even grosser my sinus cavity is linked up with my tear duct in my right eye, so when I sneeze stuff shoots out my eye too.  Yeah.  Classy.

2) How are you sleeping?
Great, thanks for asking!  My night terrors are on an upswing, but they never last long.  So it's disrupting things a little, but for the most part I fall asleep early and stay asleep until it's time to get up.

3) What was your last stroll like?
Short, but nice.  Honestly, I think my last leisurely stroll was to church last weekend.  It's always nice and quiet then.

4) What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?

Really great info actually.  I love this channel.

5) When did you last get something in right at the deadline?
Man, I really don't know.  I always do stuff ahead of time and I don't really have strict deadlines at work.  I just do things when they need done.

6) What habit can you not break yourself of?
Self criticism.  I even tried and failed to make negative self talk the thing I gave up for Lent.  I just have no idea how to be nice to myself I guess.  Aside form treating myself with naps and food.  Which I just did by the way.  Yay for Saturday!!

So that's about it for me.  Lazy Saturday after my fitness class this morning.  But I did come home to this in the backyard:

Good lord.  Hope all of you are better than this poor pigeon.  Much love!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Wah

I missed my Stitch Group Monday and got practically nothing done over the last weekend.  I had some awful sinus thing that knocked me right on my butt for a couple days.  I spent a good part of Sunday sleeping.  Unfortunately I absolutely HAD to go to work this week, or else I probably would have spent Monday in bed too.  Bleh.

So not a whole lot to report.  No crocheting done at all.  :(  I did get some very light cleaning and purging done, but that's about it.

Sorry, not much else to say today, but I'm hoping to get more done this weekend.  I'm pretty wiped out tonight, but I have nothing planned for the rest of the week and weekend so I should be able to get into some fun projects.  :)

Hope everyone is well!  Much love.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday WIPs!

UGH!!  I had this written and ready to post last night and forgot to post it.  Dang it.  Sorry.

Another Wedensday, another WIPs post.

My scarf is coming along, I'm very close to done!

I need to get the gift blanket back out again and start working on it more.  It's the plan for this winter for sure.

Man, out side of that there really is not much going on at theonlyhouse.  Gearing up for colder weather and the holidays and that's about it!!!  I hope everyone else is well!  Much love.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five and October Challenge

First off, I failed my own damn challenge.  I did not get my 10 projects done.  Theonlycat being sick took most of my time, money and emotional energy this month.  I'm tapped.  I did get a lot of small things done at least so that's always a good thing.  Anyone else challenge themselves this month?  How did it go?

Well enough of my failures, it's been awhile since I've done Five list.  So let's get on with it shall we?

Recommend Five!

1)  Recommend a book: Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal. - Christopher Moore. (linky)  Whether you're religious or not you will absolutely LOVE this book.  It's funny, it's touching, it's inspiring.  It really has it all in one book.  It covers what could have happened during the parts of Jesus' life that are not in the Bible.  Fantastic read.

2) Recommend a college/university/personal interest class: Any class about a culture that is not your own.  There is something about throwing yourself deep into another culture that really opens your eyes to your own life.  Plus the more you understand about people who are different than you, the harder it is to hold any kind of hate or fear of them.

3) Recommend a song:

You're welcome.  Really anything else by Stromae, too.

4) Recommend a website: I think several of my readers are already on it, but Ravelry.  If you do ANY form of yarn crafting this is the place for you.  This is probably my most visited site outside of my gmail.

5) Recommend anything else: Dance when you're alone.  Put on some upbeat music you love and just go.  Not only is it good exercise, it's good for the soul.  I promise it is impossible to be sad, or angry after dancing.  I have a playlist on my phone for those crap-tastic days and when I get home I close the curtain, crank it up as loud as I can go to town.  I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.  Much love!!